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Fresh Boiled Birdnest (Prestige)

You wouldn't want to cook your own bird's nest soup again after your first attempt on PRESTIGE.
Here's what you need! A bottle of PRESTIGE birdnest is made of 5A grade prefectly cup-shaped bird's nest and it is committed to give you a pull-strands texture when drinking.

It is 100% fresh and pure, as well as contains super rich amount of bird's nest in a bottle. The concentration of a bottle of PRESTIGE is as high as 95% where 3 grams of dried bird's nest & purified water are used in the stewing process. No preservatives, no bleaching, no additives.


A bottle of PRESTIGE is 75ml, we double-boil your bird's nest daily in the morning with precise temperature and high-pressure sterilization technology to ensure the bird's nest nutrients are well preserved. Each bottle of PRESTIGE comes with a single packet cane syrup sachet for customers to adjust the desired sweetness. Moreover, every bottle of PRESTIGE has its own birdnest ID & QR code feature that allows customers to trace the product information.

Premiumly packaged to gift anyone on any occasion, it's even delightful if you get them to pamper yourself. Drink on an empty stomach in the morning / before bed at night for better nutrients absorption.

Recommended to pregnancy, women, teenagers, men, elders, toddlers, and individuals with low immunity. Your Effortless Nourishment Begins Here!

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