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Fresh Boiled Birdnest (Classic)

Birdnest is very popular in South East Asia for culinary purposes due to its aroma that could bring out peopleโ€™s appetite and enrich food flavors. It contains glycosides, alkaloids, and tannin, all of which can help increase vitality and health.


The 100ml bottles contain 3 grams of dry birdnest, of which 20% is water and 80% birdnest. To keep its maximum freshness, it has to be kept in the refrigerator.
It can last for 15 days if kept chilled. We deliver your fresh birdnest to your doorstep once a week. It is suggested to drink me 3 to 4 times a week. Only for 4 weeks, you can see the amazing transformation happening in your body.

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