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Shandon Chicken Essence

Shandon chicken essence is simmered under high temperature with medium heat for 12 hours extracting every single drop of original essence from the chicken. It is then combined with advanced filtration and oil separation technology when extracting the pure chicken essence and not even a drop of water or other spices were added in this process. Lastly, the chicken essence will go through high-tech vacuum packaging and high-pressure sterilization. We save your time from cooking long hours chicken soup, with no colouring, antibiotic and preservative added, and only insist on extracting the 100% organic chicken essence for you to drink healthily.


What kind of chicken is used?

Shandon chicken essence is made from Taiwan premium black feather ‘kampung’ chickens that are bred for more than 6 months. Due to the large poultry farm in Taiwan, the chickens are actively grown, hence, their fat content is low and the meat texture is relatively tender. Adhering to the principles of natural and healthy, the chickens are fed with soybeans, corn, and rice bran that contain most nutrients that humans need. Most importantly, there are no antibiotics, growth hormones and any drugs are administered during the breeding process.

What food safety cert do we obtain?

ISO22000 HACCP certified