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Delivery Policy

Information required for delivery purposes

  • Recipient's first and last name.
  • Recipient's full and accurate address as found on Google Maps.
  • Recipient's full and correct contact number.
  • Buyer's email address - for account registration purpose, to receive the order details and delivery updates. Please make sure the email address is correct & active before completing your purchase.

Delivery Address

The buyer is required to double-check that the delivery address is correct & complete before proceeding with the order. Orders will be delivered to the exact delivery address that was entered into the system. A change of address is not possible once the order has been placed.

Note: Delivery will be arranged to the address entered into the ‘delivery address’ section only. Delivering to the unit is not included for deliveries to high-rise or multi-storied buildings.

Personal Identification Details

Your identification details are used to process your order of the products, customize your profile information, internal usage with legal requirements, update your status of online shopping in our site and also to update our customers with our latest news of updates/changes, promotions, and events.

High-rise/Multi-storied buildings

Delivering to the unit number of high-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings is not provided in our delivery partner's services. Drivers will only pass the item to the recipient at the drop-off point/lobby/ground floor of the building where the area is accessible by car with no parking required.

High-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings include, but are not limited to:

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Shopping malls
  • Multi-storied shop lots
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Drivers will only leave the items on the delivery drop-off table, at the guardhouse, at the receptionist, etc. only with the consent of the recipient / someone acting on the recipient's behalf.

We will not take any responsibility for the item's condition once the item is left at the consented/requested place.

Where the delivery location is too far or inaccessible to the driver, the driver will only deliver to the nearest car-accessible area and you are required to collect the order from the driver at that location. The delivery fees will not be refunded.

If the recipient cannot be contacted or delivery is unsuccessful (see below for what unsuccessful delivery is considered) , the driver will return the items back to our store.


Delivery is cannot be canceled and the delivery fee is non-refundable once the driver’s route has been arranged by us.

Drivers deliver to several locations in one trip following their carefully planned, organized, and optimized routes. We are unable to assign a specific driver to your order as all drivers are assigned randomly.

Delivery is cannot be canceled and the delivery fee is non-refundable once the driver’s route has been arranged by us.


All orders are arranged to arrive within the chosen time slot (12pm - 6pm). For delivery areas that fall under Zone B (non-Klang Valley areas), delivery time cannot be confirmed due to the limited service of the logistic company. However, the logistic company will try their best to fit in the timing and send on the same day.

We cannot arrange the delivery to arrive at, by, or after a specific time (eg. deliver at 2pm). Drivers deliver to several places in one trip following a route that is carefully planned, arranged, and optimized.

However, there are factors that will affect or may cause early arrivals or delays in deliveries:

  • The availability of drivers.
  • The ease of finding drivers/demand of drivers.
  • Traffic conditions, weather conditions, natural disasters.
  • Duration a driver takes at a certain delivery location..
  • Unforeseen circumstances

While we try our best to arrange orders, Shandon Birdnest will not be held responsible for any early arrivals or delays of delivery due to any of the reasons above or because of any circumstances impacting the availability of the 3rd party drivers we use and anything else that is outside of our control.

Delivery Attempt

Our delivery service is on-demand and only one trip is attempted. All drivers are requested on-demand and paid by distance(km) to deliver the items to the assigned address one time. The driver will not make another delivery attempt if the delivery is unsuccessful (see below for what unsuccessful delivery is considered).

Drivers will attempt to contact the recipient by:

  • Calling the recipient’s contact number (standard phone call / Whatsapp).
  • Sending a text to the recipient’s contact number (SMS / WhatsApp).
  • Calling/texting the alternative number (if provided).
  • Ringing the doorbell (if available).
  • Requesting access via the intercom to the unit through the building's security system (if available).
  • Requesting a neighbor to accept the delivery on behalf (if possible).
  • If the driver has attempted 2 or more of the above methods but is still unable to reach the recipient, the delivery attempt is considered completed, and the delivery is considered unsuccessful (see below for what constitutes an unsuccessful delivery).
If the buyer/recipient requests the driver to:

Make a last-minute change of delivery to another address, regardless of whether the driver has arrived at the original assigned address or not, please make another delivery attempt at a later time on another day.

An additional fee (calculated by distance in kilometers) will be charged accordingly by the driver. You/the recipient/the person requesting the driver are required to communicate directly with the driver and pay the driver accordingly.

Requests made to the driver are subject to the driver’s willingness/ability to respond to such requests. If the driver is unable to accommodate your request, whether or not you are willing to pay the additional charges, the delivery is then considered unsuccessful. (see below for what unsuccessful delivery is considered).

Successful Delivery

Deliveries are considered successful where:

  • It has been passed to the recipient/person acting on their behalf.
  • It has been left at the guardhouse, receptionist, with a neighbor, or a place requested or consented by the recipient or someone on behalf of the recipient (this includes the buyer).

Persons collecting items from drivers must check the good condition of the items upon receipt. They are encouraged to notify the driver (before the driver leaves) of any fault/damage where possible. We need to be notified within 3 hours of item receipt of any defect/damage resulting from the delivery (proof of defect/damage required).

Shandon Birdnest will evaluate and investigate the matter, and determine the next steps at its discretion, taking into account all relevant factors.

Unsuccessful Delivery

Unsuccessful delivery means a driver has been assigned to your order, but due to the reasons below, the driver cannot deliver the items to the recipient:

  • The recipient is unreachable/uncontactable on the driver's arrival at the delivery address.
  • The recipient is not at home/present on the driver's arrival at the delivery address.
  • There is no one present to collect the order on the recipient's behalf on the driver's arrival at the delivery address.
  • There is no such person at the delivery address.
  • The delivery address given is incorrect or insufficient or not searchable on Google Maps.
  • No valid contact number was given to us to make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient in order to execute the delivery successfully.
  • The recipient is not willing to collect the order from the driver at the drop-off point/lobby/ground floor of the given delivery address.
  • The recipient refuses to accept the items.
  • The recipient does not consent to leave the items with someone else or in some other area within the premises.
  • The recipient/buyer requests the driver to wait at the delivery address for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Other circumstances that prevent the driver from passing the items to the recipient/someone on behalf of the recipient on a case-to-case basis.
In the event of unsuccessful delivery,
  • The buyer will be notified via WhatsApp.
  • Drivers will bring the items back to our store after completing all the deliveries following the assigned route.
  • No requests for refunds of the item(s) and/or RM30 delivery fee will be entertained due to the perishable nature of our products and our on-demand delivery service. (applied to Zone A & B)
  • No more delivery attempts/re-delivery will be made by us on the same day even where additional delivery fees are willing to be paid.
The buyer/someone on the buyer's behalf is required to:
  • Collect the items at our store on the same day during our operating hours (10am - 6pm) once the items have been brought back by the driver.
  • Collect the items at our store during our operating hours (10am - 6pm) on the next day.
  • Arrange for your own 3rd party delivery service (Grab, Lalamove, etc.) to collect the items from our store during our operating hours once it has been brought back by the driver.
  • Shandon Birdnest will not take any responsibility for the items’ condition (eg. bird's nest diluted) when the delivery is unsuccessful.


All orders and items are carefully checked and sent out in good condition. In the unlikely event that the items arrive not in good condition, or have lost their original textures and/or appearance upon arrival, please report it to us immediately or within 3 hours of receipt with a clear picture of the damage/defect. All items must be unconsumed, in the state that such damage/defect was discovered, and/or in their original state.

Where it is concluded by Shandon Birdnest upon their investigation that the damage/defect occurred solely by fault of our team, the driver we used, or during the delivery, exchange of items will be given, whichever Shandon Birdnest, in their absolute discretion sees fit.