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SET D 珍珠 Zhēn Zhū

Let’s welcome 2024 Year of Dragon with the most eye-catching birdnest gift set!

When it comes to gifting, standing out is crucial. This birdnest gift set has been the most fascinating creation of the year!

✅ Exclusive design | Original creations
✅ Birdnest gift set can be stored at room temperature

Trust our brand‼️Because ⬇️
🔴 Birdnest concentration > 80%
🔴 Dried birdnest content: 3g/bottle
🔴 Extremely pure, each bottle contains only birdnest and purified water to boil
🔴 Birdnest is sugar-free, and each bottle comes with an organic cane syrup sachet for customer to customise sweetness.

🏮 Set D【珍珠 Zhēn Zhū 】
6 bottles of birdnest

🃏 FREE exclusive design poker cards
🧧 FREE high-end luxurious angpao packets
💌 FREE wishing cards
🚚 FREE delivery in West Malaysia & Singapore

To gift clients/bosses/employees/relatives/friends/corporate teams, there are bulk purchase great deals now‼️
🔥 Order any 3 - 9 boxes, get an immediate RM30 discount
🔥 Order any 10 boxes, FREE 1 box of Set D【珍珠 Zhēn Zhū 】

RM299.00 RM319.00