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Fresh Boiled Birdnest

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Birdnest is very popular in South East Asia for culinary purposes due to its aroma that could bring out people’s appetite and enrich food flavors. It contains glycosides, alkaloids, and tannin, all of which can help increase vitality and health.

The 100ml bottles contain 3 grams of dry birdnest, of which 30% is water and 70% birdnest. To keep its maximum freshness, it has to be kept in the refrigerator. It can last for 15 days if kept chilled. We deliver your fresh birdnest to your doorstep once a week. It is suggested to drink me 3 to 4 times a week. Only for 4 weeks, you can see the amazing transformation happening in your body.

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    To ensure the freshness of our birdnest, any orders placed after 7 pm will be processed the next day.
    The fastest delivery will be the day after.

    For Zone C Buyers:

    For all Zone C buyers, your Birdnest will be kept inside a cooler box.

    This is for keeping your Shandon fresh while delivering it to your doorsteps.


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