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月‧燕 by Shandon Birdnest

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, Shandon Birdnest has launched the seasonal festive item to fulfill our customers’ requirements eventually! On this occasion, we have 3 Shanghai Mooncakes with 3 different flavours: White Lotus Paste Mochi with Golden Yolk, Red Bean Paste Mochi with Golden Yolk, and Pandan Lotus Paste Mochi with Golden Yolk as well as 3 bottles of 100ml Shandon’s birdnest with the flavours of Cane Sugar, Wolfberry, and Pandan in a gift box as a whole.

The 100ml bottle of birdnest drink contains 3 grams of dry birdnest, of which 30% is water and 70% birdnest. To avoid food spoilage, it is best to keep the mooncakes & birdnest in the refrigerator (NOT the freezer compartment) in order to help your food to stay safer for longer periods. To keep the product its maximum freshness, our Shanghai Mooncakes are best to consume within 7 days, while our no preservatives added birdnests are best to consume within 14 days if kept chilled. Taken out from the fridge and to reheat the Shanghai Mooncakes, we highly recommend you reheat it in an oven with a temperature of (150-160 °C) for 10 minutes OR in a microwave for 1 minute. Birdnest wise, it can be drunk either warm or cold according to your preference.

  • *月‧燕 by Shandon Birdnest

    3 Birdnest + 3 Mooncakes [Gift Box color is randomly picked]

    • 168 RM

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    Delivery charges follows the poscode of the delivery address.